Michigan law places responsibility on each student to attend school on a daily basis, and on each parent or guardian to send their children to school on a daily basis. The Port Huron Area School District emphasizes learning and recognizes the value of regular attendance in enabling students to benefit from the school's education programs.

More important, however, is the effect of regular and punctual attendance on the student's scholastic achievement. Classroom attendance instills a concept of self-discipline, exposes a student to group interactions with teachers and fellow students, and enables a student to hear and participate in class discussion and other related learning experiences. Frequent absences for any reason may adversely affect the student's schoolwork and can be disruptive to other students' educational processes. Attendance, class participation and similar factors are proper educational values bearing on a student's academic achievement.


Office Hours: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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 Secretary - Mrs. Massey

Attendance Policy as printed in the Student Handbook

The Student Handbook requires Adobe Reader which is a free download. Follow this link to download Adobe Reader.