Port Huron High School Counseling/Guidance Services

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Port Huron High School has four professionally trained counselors each with a wide variety of experiences. The counseling department attempts to assist students with course selections, career planning, School-to-Work Transition, personal problems and test results. Counselors also consult with parents and teachers and make referrals to other agencies. In addition, the counselors serve as coordinators and consultants for students, parents and teachers and are sources for community agencies. Conferences and group counseling may be arranged by calling the school counseling center for an appointment at

Ms. Hage, X1435, 9th Grade A-Z

Mrs. Hopp, X1421, 10th-12th Grades A-HIK

Mrs. Schwalm, X1418, 10th-12th Grades HIL-MIT

Ms. Hutchins, X1420, 10th-12th Grades MIU-Z